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4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Consider Adoption

Adopting a child is exciting and needs to be thoroughly considered before making a lifelong commitment. When it comes to adoption, what do you imagine it being like? The situation could look very different if you’re adopting an unknown child versus adopting your niece or nephew. Depending on the circumstances, you should be mentally and emotionally ready for anything to happen during and after the adoption. Let’s discuss four questions you should ask yourself before beginning the adoption process:

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“Am I able to provide a quality life for a child?”

It takes more than just money to be able to provide for a child. Take a full inventory of your emotional capacity as well as your general lifestyle. If you work 80 hours a week, you might not be physically present for your child as much as you should be. Parenting any child, biological or adopted, brings along a new set of challenges that you need to be ready to tackle. Having a strong support system in place is also beneficial for addressing tough parenting times.

“Why do I want to adopt a child?”

People often don’t truly ask themselves this question. In some cases, they think they should adopt because it’s just “what you do” if you are infertile or in a same sex relationship. Your motivations and desires should be fully addressed before making any commitments. Do you want to remove a child from a harmful situation so that you can provide them with a better life? That attitude will shape the entire experience in a completely different way instead of adopting just to feel like your life is complete with a child in it.

“What if the child asks about their biological parents?”

This can be a touchy subject no matter what the adoption scenario looks like. You need to have a plan in place for determining when and how this conversation takes place. Maybe you want to wait until the child is of a certain age before you discuss their adoption with them. If they were taken from unfit relatives to become adopted by you, think about when you want to explain that complex situation to them. Some parents choose to never tell their children that they are adopted, and if that’s the route you decide to take, also prepare yourself for questions that might arise later on in their life or if they discover the truth on their own.

“Am I truly prepared for the implications of adopting a child?”

Just as every couple should thoroughly consider both the short-term and long-term implications of conceiving a child, so too should anyone seeking to adopt a child (no matter the child’s age). Raising a child will change your life in ways that you probably cannot imagine. It is essential that you are very honest with yourself and your partner about whether or not you are emotionally prepared to devote a vast majority of your time to properly caring for a child. Are you really prepared for such upheaval in your life?

If you are considering adoption, you are currently going through the adoption process, or you just have questions regarding this important decision, please reach out to the law office of Goldsberry & Associates right away. We are here to guide and counsel you in all aspects of the adoption process, and to ensure all legal necessities are properly and efficiently executed.

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