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4 Key Benefits of Mediating Your Divorce

Divorce always seems to have a negative spin on it, when in fact it can be the right choice for a lot of people. Rather than duking it out in a courtroom and making everyone suffer, a divorce can be handled in an amicable and cooperative way. This method is called mediation, and it holds many benefits over traditional litigation. Let’s explore a few of the key benefits that mediating your divorce will provide:

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You get flexibility

A mediated divorce includes you, your spouse, and a mediator. The three of you get to work closely together to decide how things should run. If you want a quick and painless divorce, you can choose what the process looks like. When you seek a litigated divorce, you are essentially at the mercy of the court’s schedule and increase the chances of experiencing stall tactics by your spouse.

It’s far less expensive

When you begin divorce litigation, you are paying for the time of every single person in the room. Each of you have your own attorney who must be paid, as well as legal assistants and other representatives. Bringing a divorce case to court costs money itself, and the more meetings and hearings required, the more will come out of your pocketbook. A mediation on the other hand only gives one person a paycheck – the mediator.

Better chances of confidentiality

Depending on the state you live in, some mediators allow for the protection of statements made during the mediation process. When you are in court to litigate your divorce, everything is said to anyone who might be in the room. For a majority of people this level of privacy might not be needed, but when matters are complex or the individuals are high profile, mediation can be a better solution.

Your needs get met

Mediation is the best way for you and your spouse to work together to make sure everyone comes out of the marriage with their needs met. If a particular child custody arrangement works better for you, you have the platform to express those needs. Naturally, this works only because the entire thought process behind a mediation is to come to a civil agreement.

Are you getting divorced and aren’t sure if you should start the mediation process? A litigated divorce might seem more standard, but at Goldsberry & Associates we can help you figure out which process might be best for you.

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