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4 Self-Care Tips After Your Divorce

You’ve signed the papers, the custody orders are in place, and the divorce is finally final. While this may seem like a purely congratulatory moment, you may be left wondering what exactly to do next after surviving this tumultuous time. Though it may seem difficult, now is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself and show yourself some love. This blog aims to show you some ways you can get started:

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1. Reconnect with your friends and family

If you’re just coming through the other end of a divorce, chances are you’ve lost track of other important relationships in your life. Reconnecting with your friends and family is more important than ever, as these folks can be a reliable source of support and also help you get back to your old self. Plan a girls’ or a guys’ night out or make plans to visit your family you haven’t seen. No matter who it is, start re-establishing interpersonal relationships with people who can help pull you out of your rut. However, make sure these are positive people who will build you up when you’re low, rather than kick you when you’re down.

2. Find your favorite activity or hobby

Nothing says “self-love” more than doing activities you love, which have more than likely fallen by the wayside during your divorce. If you already had activities you loved prior to the divorce, then get back to it. Join common-interest groups if you need a push in the right direction. If you weren’t exactly a hobbyist, then challenge yourself to learn or do something new. If you’ve always wanted to write, start a blog. If you’ve always wanted to sing in public, join your local choir. No matter what it is, do something for you that will represent a new chapter in your life.

3. Spend a weekend (or a week!) alone

Chances are, you probably never had the opportunity to travel solo during your marriage. Now is the time to do it! Take a trip to the beach or your favorite town as a day trip. Get that AirBnB with some friends or family. Be sure to enjoy your alone time and recognize the empowerment in solo adventures. If traveling alone really isn’t your thing, grab your closest friend for a trip away from it all.

4. Get a therapist

Loving yourself means dealing with your feelings and emotions in a healthy way, rather than suppressing them. A therapist can help you recognize and address your feelings and find workable solutions to moving forward. Letting go of the negative emotions tied to your divorce will undoubtedly be the most difficult aspect of moving forward, but a therapist can help make this process easier.


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