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5 assets to consider when dividing community property in Texas

When you’re going through a divorce in Texas City, Texas, one of the first things you have to do is figure out what assets get carved out as each party’s separate property – and what doesn’t.

Since Texas is a community property state, each party in a divorce is entitled to roughly half of the marital assets. Before you can divide things up, however, you need to take stock of what’s there. Overlooking any of the following marital assets could leave money on the table that would otherwise go to secure your future:

Life insurance policies

Numerous life insurance policies, like whole life and universal life, gather cash values over time. You may be entitled to a share of the cash surrender value of these. (Overpaying an insurance policy is also another way for a spouse that’s inclined to be deceptive to hide assets.)

Restricted stock units

Is your spouse an executive in their company? If so, they may have delayed annual bonuses, restricted stock units and other compensation structured in such a way that it’s virtually invisible. You may need a financial analyst to help you understand what’s there.


Even non-executives often have pension plans, and you may be entitled to a share of what your spouse has built up during your marriage. Make sure that you’re familiar with how a Qualified Domestic Relations Order works, so that you can obtain your share when the time comes.


Is your spouse a collector? Whether it’s stamps, coins, artwork or collectible figurines, their hobby may have a significant monetary value. Just because they (and you) have always seen their collection as “theirs” and nothing to do with you, that’s an asset that should be considered in your divorce.


Maybe your spouse got into Bitcoin early, or maybe they’re a latent investor. Either way, you may have to follow the forensic accounting trail to find out what they have invested in crypto or other digital assets.

When you’re going through a complex divorce here in Texas City or the surrounding area, property division isn’t easy. That’s why you need to make sure that your legal rights are fully protected.

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