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A Blog for Divorced Dads: 4 Ways to Improve Your Perspective

A divorce is devastating enough to deal with, but the fact that you suddenly find yourself no longer living with the kids can crush the strongest of men. So where do you begin to pick up the pieces and how do you accept (and live with) all these drastic changes? Life after divorce is possible if you take note of the following:

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Stay close to home

You may feel like it when you’re at your lowest, but the worst thing you can do is going far away. You need to find a place close to home. That will help with the transition for you as well as for the kids. By staying close to home, you will be able to spend quality time with your children, and in certain cases, you will be able to see them every day. This is the best way to give the children the stability and connection they crave during this difficult time. In addition, it will help you feel like you are not losing touch with your children.

Manage long distance

In some cases a divorce can lead to a long distance separation from your children. This can be due to which parent gets primary custody of the child, you having to move in with family members, affordable housing locations being further away, or even being forced to transfer due to your job. This does not make you a bad parent and shouldn’t reflect your desire to spend time with your children. But long distance definitely puts a strain on any relationship. That’s why extra care needs to be taken to spend time with your children. There are many ways in which you can do that without making constant travel arrangements. You can Skype with your children every night. You can call. You can text them throughout the day (if the children are older). Don’t miss the opportunity to stay connected DESPITE your circumstances.

Get clued up regarding child support

If you are not the parent the children are going to spend most of their time with, the chances are that you are going to have to pay child support. This is a very difficult situation if you are trying to navigate stormy and uncertain waters—especially if your working situation changes. The problem is that not being able to make payments could have a detrimental effect on your finances as well as legal consequences. Know your rights. You need to understand how it is calculated as well as how it’s enforced and managed in Texas.

To date or not to date… that is the question

Your divorce may have left you completely distrustful of any potential dating scenario, but despite what you may be feeling or thinking during your divorce, the time will come when you will start dating again. It can be a very strange experience trying to get back on that horse, and it also has a big impact on the children (who tend to hope that their parents will get back together). Only let the children meet the new special person in your life once you have established that it is a serious relationship.

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