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Navigating Complex Issues Between Parents

Research has been clear for many years; both parents are essential to raising well-adjusted children. Courts have long favored mothers when decisions of custody or visitation arose, but the rights of the father in a child’s upbringing is equally important. At Goldsberry, Portz & Lutterbie, PLLC, we have worked with numerous families throughout Houston and we know how to protect the rights and interests of fathers.

We understand how emotionally charged these cases can be. We provide professional expertise and compassionate advice while we work to find a solution that will best protect your interests and those of your children.

Fathers’ Rights with Their Children

Our attorneys have substantial experience representing fathers in divorce and custody matters. We know the issues fathers face as well as the problems they must deal with in court to ensure their voice is heard. Fathers have an equal right to participate in the raising of their children, and we will work to help you achieve that goal.

In Texas, if you are presumed to be the father, are legally determined to be the father, have acknowledged paternity or are an adoptive father, you have both rights and obligations. If there are any doubts as to who the biological parent is, a good first step is to take a paternity test. Of course, our team of lawyers can help you navigate this process.

Is Your Child’s Other Parent Uncooperative?

In some cases, we see a divorcing couple where one of the parents refuses to cooperate and share parenting time. One party may withhold their children from the other parent out of anger or pain. Or they refuse to work with you in regard to the child’s medical care or schooling.

Our attorneys know how to work with the courts to enforce your rights with a standard possession order (SPO) and parenting time for your children. Absent a showing of factual evidence why it would in the best interests of the child to limit or prevent one parent’s access, the SPO assumes both parents will have access to the child or children.

Whether you have questions about custody, also known as conservatorship in Texas, or financial support requirements for your children, our team of lawyers can help. We will listen to your concerns and provide clear explanations of the law so you can be prepared to move forward.

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Our firm knows how important and precious this time is with your children and will do everything we can to protect it. As experienced family law attorneys, we are aware of the important roles each parent plays in a child’s life.

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