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Dividing Property Requires an Experienced Lawyer

At Goldsberry, Portz & Lutterbie, PLLC, we bring experience and compassion to each case. Our firm has worked with hundreds of families throughout Texas. This knowledge becomes crucial when helping a new client find a solution to their specific issues.

We are professional, thorough and communicative. Our team can answer all of your questions and will address any concerns that come up along the way.

High-Asset Divorces Can Make Things Even More Complex

Nobody thinks about the day that their marriage will end. When that day comes, people are often overwhelmed with the important decisions that are in front of them. This is where our team of attorneys can help.

When it comes to property division, Texas uses the “fair and just” standard. This means that the court will split your community assets and debts in a manner they deem that is equitable. It’s important to understand that this may not be 50/50.

We will work to protect your interests and develop the most compelling argument to protect you assets and ensure that the property settlement is truly “fair and just.” From who gets the family home to determining the value of a business, we provide experienced representation.

Property acquired during your marriage is known as community property. The property you brought into the marriage or acquired after you filed for divorce is considered separate property.

Sometimes making the determination between what is considered community or separate property can be less than clear, but our attorneys are skilled at analyzing financial documents and clarifying these matters.

Business owners and working professionals face even bigger difficulties. High-asset divorces can be complex to identify what part of a company belongs to you versus your spouse. In these situations, it is especially important to have a trusted advocate by your side. Our lawyers know how to fight for what you are entitled to.

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For many people, the unknowns are the most frustrating part of the legal process. Known for being tough yet empathetic, our firm is here to bring you solutions. Our founding attorney, Shari Goldsberry, is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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