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The importance of a customized parenting plan that is right for your kids

No two families are the same. For parents who are getting a divorce, this is important to keep in mind. They will need to work to create a parenting plan for their children. It’s critical that this plan is customized so that it’s right for their kids, rather than simply utilizing a generic plan. Just because the plan worked for someone else does not mean that it will work for every family.

As a result, if you are navigating a divorce, you’ll need to analyze your situation, consider your goals, talk to your spouse and decide how your parenting plan should be set up to put your children first. Here are just a few different areas that you should consider when crafting a customized parenting plan.

The general parenting schedule

Start with the schedule concerning when you are each going to have parenting time with your children. Some parents will even consider birdnesting so that the children get to continue living in the same home, while the parents move in and out.

Special occasions

Next, your parenting schedule needs to address special events, such as the holidays. This is a sensitive subject for many families, so outlining each parent’s rights and responsibilities proactively is going to be important.

Communication options

A parenting plan may also want to address how the parent who doesn’t have parenting time with a child at any given time can communicate with the children. Should they text, call, write letters, send social media messages or something else entirely?

Making critical decisions

Finally, parents need to address how they’re going to make important decisions. If they share legal custody, they will have to work together under certain circumstances, such as deciding where the children are going to go to school or where they should get medical treatment.

Setting up your plan

These are just a few areas that need to be considered when drafting a customized parenting plan. Consider seeking legal guidance as soon as possible in order to better address all other matters that apply uniquely to your family’s circumstances.

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