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Why do you need to hire an experienced divorce lawyer in Texas?

Did you know that 40 to 50 percent of marriages in Texas result in divorce? Sometimes unfortunate circumstances take a tremendous toll on a couple’s life, leading to divorce. It becomes essential to act quickly and talk to a divorce Lawyer to protect your rights; if you live in Pearland, Texas, and are going through this turmoil! consult a divorce lawyer in Texas as soon as possible.

Divorce rate in Texas from 1990 to 2018

If you have kids, assets, and properties, a divorce lawyer will help you protect your rights. Divorce naturally comes with a great deal of stress and emotional breakdown. It becomes even more critical to understand the Divorce Process of the State.

If you don’t want to jeopardize your rights and future, then hiring an experienced Divorce Lawyer becomes critical. There are many Law firms and attorneys in Texas who promise to provide the best result. But, before hiring, make sure the attorney is experienced and has a reasonable rate.

Besides, if you don’t have any idea of the Divorce System in Texas or have some questions related to it. Do read the whole blog to know about the Texas Divorce System and some common questions.

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Do I need a lawyer for a divorce in Texas?

Thinking about divorce, then you are not alone? Every year 75,000 people in Texas get divorced.

No matter what your reasons are for filing a divorce, there are certain things that you should consider while filing a divorce.

  • No-fault Divorce: You or your spouse can file for a no-fault divorce in Texas. It means you or your spouse don’t have to prove any faults or wrong-doing. However, when the trial proceeds, the Judge may consider wrong-doing for a fair property division of assets.
  • No-Legal Separation: Texas does not consider a legal separation. It means that even if you and your spouse live separately, all the property you own will come under community property. Regardless of how they are titled they are still considered community property. If we put this in simple words, this means you are married until you legally get divorced. Do make a note of No-legal separation as it becomes essential during divorce, to avoid surprises.
  • Keep a check on your asset and debts: When you have finally decided to get separated from your spouse, make sure you know all about the assets that you both own. At times a divorce can be too expensive also. Typically, Texas’ legal plan involves a sixty day waiting period.
  • Lengthy Divorce Process: Well, getting a Divorce can be, at times, a lengthy process. Sometimes after filing a petition, it might take up to 60 days to finalize it. At times, it may take six months to a year, depending on the complexity of the claims.
  • Have a Lawyer by your side: It must be clear by now that the divorce process is not simple. Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Texas will help you by ensuring you meet all the perks at less time. A divorce attorney will provide all the essential aspects like No-legal separation; a list of your assets and properties are included.
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Having a lawyer will reduce your stress, meet all deadlines, and you will always have expert advice.

Are you living in Pearland, Texas, and are going through this rough stage of life? It is better to have a Pearland Divorce Lawyer with you. Texas’s divorce lawyer knows how to deal with claims, make binding agreements for you, and gather all the evidence.

What Divorce Lawyers do?

It usually depends on the complexity of the case. Naturally, this includes sensitive issues such as Child Custody, division of assets, spousal support issues, and agreeing to the child custody arrangement.

Understanding Divorce System
Understanding Divorce System

Understanding Divorce System

The foremost thing is that you talk with an experienced Texas Divorce Lawyer. Tell them about your whole situation. The Texas Divorce Lawyer will explain the Divorce System of Texas to you, such as grounds on which a Divorce can base. Most of the states in the US recognize No-Fault Divorce.

A knowledgeable Texas Divorce Lawyer will always discuss whether voiding or annulling a marriage is an alternative to divorce.

Providing Advice

Divorce is an emotional process. Under certain circumstances, your Pearland Divorce Lawyer will also provide objective advice. Additionally, we will talk about the consequences or factors that may affect your future. If you have kids, then the Lawyer will explain about the custody issues. You can avoid personal contact with your spouse to make the separation process simpler.

Marital Asset Accounting

To make sure you get the deserved share in the property and assets, a divorce lawyer will list them for you. Sometimes, in a family, one might be handling the money, and the other might take care of the assets and debts.

Your Texas Divorce, Lawyer Texas will collect the records. Even ensures all these possessions are appropriately addressed in a settlement.

Property Division Perks

A Divorce Lawyer Texas will help you by explaining how property is treated after the dissolution of marriage. Each spouse may have a different property that they brought into the marriage.

The attorney will dig into the facts and advise whether the property is community property or separate property for distribution.


Apart from all these, a Pearland Divorce Lawyer will take charge of your appeal. A lawyer will make sure certain essential things are done, like drafting paperwork, filing documents, keeping track of deadlines.

A Divorce Lawyer will help with divorce plans, preparing the divorce papers, and taking care of settlements. If needed, will represent you in the courtroom trials.

How fast can you get a divorce in Texas?

It is one of the difficult questions. As it is a legal matter, you and your spouse both are involved, it’s better to have some patience. According to the Texas Family Code, the minimum time mandate is 60 days from when the divorce is filed to the time it enters the court.

There is no top limit for this; at times, it may take much more time than you expected. It is a long process; you have to be patient. Usually, an uncontested divorce can complete within 70 days from the time you file for it.

If a case is contested and depending on the complexity, it may also last up to 1.5 to 2 years or longer. It is the most extended duration that a usual case can last.

Well, having a Texas Divorce Lawyer by your side will make sure a reduction in complexities, and you can receive a divorce soon.

What are the grounds of Divorce in Texas?

Thinking of Divorce, then the first thing that comes into mind is; can you file a Divorce? If Yes, then under which grounds? Well, the Texas legal system allows for no-fault divorce and you are entitled under the Constitution to a divorce if you want one.

It can be stressful and will require the help of an experienced Texas Divorce Lawyer. Texas Family Code provides seven substantial grounds of divorce in Texas other than no-fault divorce. Those are:

  1. Cruelty: This means wilfully causing pain or suffering to your spouse. It is too bad; the couple living together are insupportable. Sometimes, it has its bases, like one may believe specific behavior to be cruel while the other may not. However, it should be persistent infliction of suffering and not just periodic times of conflict.
  2. Adultery: Here, a married wife or husband gets physically involved with someone else, not with their spouse and that act causes the break up of the marriage. If you have concrete proof that your spouse is having an affair, you can get a divorced on this grounds.
  3. Abandonment: Court will give you a divorce if the spouse has voluntarily left the other one. It indicates the spouse left with abandonment’s intention, is away for a year and has no intention of returning.
  4. No-fault Ground: This divorces usually takes less time and is less expensive than the faulty one. No-fault divorce rates have increased and are more in number than fault-divorce cases. It doesn’t require you to prove that the other party has done anything wrong.
    • It includes Insupportability, which means the marriage is no longer viable.
    • Both the wife and husband are staying apart.
  5. Uncommon Grounds: Court grants divorce for specific other reasons such as:
    • Impotence
    • Alcoholic or Substance Abuse
    • Infertility
    • Cultural or Religious difference
  6. Confined to Mental Hospital: The person is in a Mental Institution for at least three years and has a severe mental disorder. In that case, the spouse can get a divorce if he/ she is not willing to adjust or is likely to relapse.
  7. Convicted to Crime: You can get a divorce if your spouse is convicted of a felony. If your spouse was:
    • Convicted of a felony
    • Imprisoned for a year
    • Is not pardoned

What is the average cost for a Divorce in Texas?

It is tough to predict the Cost of a Divorce in Texas. Usually, it depends on the complexity, the issues included, and how the opposition reacts to the divorce.

Suppose the issues are more like the one that involves custody of kids, property, and asset valuation. The number of contested issues will add up to the cost of the divorce. However, to get an exact valuation of everything, you should have an experienced Texas Divorce Lawyer with you.

The more issues you and the opposition agree for, the lower the cost of divorce. Many high and lows in a divorce can be challenging for you to understand. That is when the Divorce Lawyer will help you by representing you.


We do watch on Television and the internet about celebrities getting divorced quickly. Well, every divorce is different and unique. It can be emotionally draining for individuals. On the contrary, the Texas Family Code is not that simple.

That’s why every individual filing a divorce should seek help from a qualified Texas Divorce lawyer. No matter what are your grounds of divorce until you want a divorce, a lawyer will help you get it.

Suppose you stay in Pearland, Texas, and are thinking to file for divorce! Do contact an experienced Pearland Divorce Lawyer.

Our attorneys from Goldsberry & Associates have been helping couples and families for a long time. Contact us today! And talk to our expert about your claim.

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