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Why keeping both parents involved is often best for children

Parents share a lifetime bond with one another because they have children together. Even if they divorce or break up, they will likely still see each other regularly. Families in Texas usually have to adopt shared custody arrangements after a divorce or separation.

Each parent will have a certain amount of time with the children and also some degree of Parental responsibility. They will share decision-making authority and financial responsibility for the children. Sometimes, one parent will desperately try to push the other out of the lives of the children for their own happiness, but doing so could be a mistake. However, for most families, having the children regularly spend time with both parents is the optimal outcome of a divorce.

Children generally need the love and support of both parents

Children usually have the best quality of life and achieve more when they mature if they have healthy relationships with both of their parents. The family courts are well aware of this phenomenon and often seek to allocate parental responsibilities as evenly as possible. The goal is to preserve the bonds both parents have with the children and provide them with the best quality of life after their parents separate.

The law in Texas requires that co-parenting adults try to cooperate with one another. The courts will approve a custody order based on the best interest of the children, and then the parents must do their best to uphold that order. They should share pertinent information about the children and do everything in their power to cooperate while raising their children.

Those who have gone through a divorce often need time to heal to develop an amicable co-parenting relationship. Some parents can even reach a point where they can share certain special experiences with their children. They might have family holidays and birthday celebrations with both parents present. They might agree to attend the same sporting events and other school activities to show their children how much support they have.

It is very easy for parents to become so focused on their own desires and preferences that they unintentionally harm their children when separating or divorcing. Acknowledging how important the presence of both parents can be for the long-term well-being of the children may make it easier for adults to cooperate during and after a separation or divorce.

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